silly little sweet packets

my boyfriend was away for Valentines day so I thought I’d hide a little gift for him in his suitcase! He loooooooves sweets, so I had the idea to make up little packets of them with romantic cheesy labels on them 😉

They were super quick; I just bought some zip-lock food bags, and then chose some of my patterned papers to stick onto the bags. I wrote on them using sharpies, and then filled the bags with the relevant sweets.

I had a bag of white choc buttons saying “You’re as cute as a button!”, some fizzy laces saying “You make my heart fizz!”, some fruitella alphabet chews saying “if I could re-arrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together”, some jelly lips and teeth saying “sending you lots of kisses! (and some teeth)” and some heart shaped truffles with a simple “Happy Valentines Day” on them.

There’s so many different things you could do – “I’m nuts about you!” with some chocolate coated peanuts, “You’re out of this world!” with Milky Way, Mars and Galaxy chocolate bars… and so on. Be imaginative! It’ll make somebody laugh 🙂DSCN1253

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