springtime date jar!


I have seen a similar idea to this online, so I decided to make my own version. As it is going to be given as an easter gift, I thought I would make it with a springtime theme.


50 lolly sticks, one plain glass jar, green tissue paper, patterned craft paper, ‘homemade’ ribbon, stick-on insects and flowers, black sharpie, pva glue and double sided sticky tape.

First of all I bought fifty lollysticks – I left half plain for  home dates, and painted half pink for going out dates. Then I scrunched up the tissue paper and put it in the bottom of the jar. I cut another piece with jagged lines so it looked like grass, and stuck it to the inside of the jar.

DSCN1262Next, I chose a polka dot print craft paper to use for the lid and label. Once I had cut a circle out big enough to cover the lid, I made little slits the whole way around so that it could be folded over the edge of the lid and stuck down. This same material was also the border for my label, which I wrote ‘Date Jar’ on in black sharpie. I attached the label with double sided stick tape.

DSCN1261Finally I secured the ribbon around the lip of the jar with a bow. I used adhesive flowers which I painted red, and wooden ladybirds to decorate the outside of the jar. It was a real fun project! 🙂


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