Ideas for ‘Open When’ Letters

letter picture I have seen so many examples of these on pinterest, and they are such a great idea for a partner’s gift, especially if you have a long-distance relationship, so I thought I’d give a list of ideas to help you guys with themes and contents for the letters. Check out my own letters here to get some inspiration!

‘Open when you miss me’ letter: Write about how you miss them too, spray some of your perfume on the paper, put a cute photo of the two of you inside, tell them that soon you will be together again.

‘Open when you are having a bad day’ letter OR ‘Open when you are stressed’ letter: Tell them that things will get better, include an inspirational quote, put some bubble wrap inside, a calming camomile tea bag, say that you are always here if they need to talk.

‘Open when you are mad at me’ letter: Apologise for whatever it is that you’ve done wrong, assure them that you didn’t mean to upset them, put some of their favourite sweets in to say sorry.

‘Open when you need to know how much I love you’ letter: Give them a list of all the reasons you love them, add a picture of you guys, print out some song lyrics which perfectly explain the way you feel about them.

‘Open when you need a laugh’ letter: Put a silly picture of you inside, write about your funny memories together, add some cheesy jokes.

‘Open when you feel worried about the future’ letter: Tell them that everything will work out, and that they needn’t feel worried; as long as you are both together, the future will be okay. Add a picture of a nice house where you would like to live with them.

‘Open when you are doubting yourself’ letter: Write about how much belief you have in them, remind them of the things they have achieved, list reasons why you admire them and the ways they make you proud.

‘Open when you are feeling ill’ letter: Tell them that you hope they feel better soon, write about how you would take care of them if you were there. Add some aspirin and some energy gel sachets.

‘Open when you feel like giving up on us’ letter:  Tell them that you hope they don’t give up on your relationship, remind them how special it is, add a picture of you both.

‘Open when you are really bored’ letter: Add a CD with all your favourite songs on it, print out ideas for places you can go next time you see each other, give them some recipes you think they will like.

‘Open when you want to take a walk down memory lane’ letter: Print some maps of the place you had your first date, first kiss, first holiday etc. Write about some of your most vivid memories together, retrieve old text conversations you had and print them out.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your letters; really the possibilities are endless! I am putting up a PDF of some stamps I made which you can print and add to the corner of each envelope. Once you have filled all your envelopes you could tie them up in a bundle with string, and they will make a lovely gift for your partner! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Ideas for ‘Open When’ Letters

  1. Linda says:

    This was by far the best “Open When” post! I couldn’t find any that were helpful! Then, I found your website, and not only was it helpful, but it was very creative! Thanks so much!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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