How to host an amazing HARRY POTTER THEMED PARTY!



Being a huge Harry Potter fan, the thought of attending a Harry Potter themed party is extremely appealing! I am hoping to host my own in the future, but in the meantime I have decided to create a guide to hosting your very own Potter gathering, which includes lots of decorations which I have made myself. Enjoy! 🙂

At the end of this post I have attached a PDF containing all of the printable decorations featured here, so that you can print them out and get decorating!

First of all, you will need invitations before the party can even go ahead.

inviteI think it would be really nice if you put these inside envelopes (check this out for tips on making them look old:

You could even make your own wax seals to secure them shut, just like the one used on Harry’s letter from Hogwarts!

Next, if you are at all worried that your house will be left in a mess after this party, or maybe you’ll be hosting it at home where you live with your parents and so are extra anxious about your guests respecting your house, there are a few things you can do!house elf sign

You can put up these signs as a reminder to your guests to keep the place clean and tidy, as they also go along with the theme very nicely!

Also, there will most likely be rooms in the house which you don’t w
ant your guests to go in (such as parents or siblings bedrooms!!!), and so these notices from Filch can be stuck on the doors of such rooms as a polite reminder to keep out.FILCHES NOTICE

Now for a crucial part to any party: food! Even if you only plan on having drinks and nibbles, it is still nice to pick items that compliment the Potter theme.

Print off these labels so that your guests know what they are labels

– Butter Beer is quite simple to make. Here is a recipe:

– You can use Jelly Belly beans to replicate Bertie Bott’s beans. Fill big glass bowls with them! Chocolate frogs can be bought online or made, and for the liquorice wands; simply dip sticks of liquorice into melted chocolate. Acid pops can be created by dipping lollipops into sherbet or coating them with small sour sweets.

– Here is a recipe for making Pumpkin juice: However, if you don’t have the time, you could instead use orange/mango/tropical juice, pour it into big jugs and just pretend.

– There are many different interpretations of cauldron cakes, but this recipe is my favourite as they look so effective and tasty too!

– As for golden snitch cakes; you can simply bake plain sponge cake pops and then add white icing wings. You can use almost any kind of ice cream but Florian Fortescue’s ice cream parlour is famous for its ‘strawberry and peanut butter’ variety, so if you have an ice cream maker, it would be nice to try and recreate this!

I also made these cute cake toppers to attach to cocktail sticks and then poke them into the tops of cupcakes to brighten them up.cake toppers

Another idea which would make a nice table centrepiece is to create a display of old-looking potion bottles. Here are some I found around the house.DSCN1340

Next you can decorate these bottles with faded labels which detail the contents of these bottles. So that they look like genuine potions, you should fill them with different coloured liquids, simply by mixing water with a variety of different  food colourings.

Here are the potion labels along with some blank ones so that you can decide on some contents of your own.potion labels


If you have a decent sized garden, it might be nice to set up a quidditch pitch and then you and the guests can have a game. The hoops can be made by securing hula hoops to wooden stakes, and then three different sized balls are used. Brooms are optional of course! This site explains how you go about playing muggle quidditch:

You can place this sign pointing towards to the garden so that guests are aware of the quidditch pitch!QUIDDITCH sign

Also, if you have a suitable room where there are few things that can be easily damaged, you may like to set up a duelling club!duelling club

You can use tape to mark a division halfway across the room and then each competitor stands on either side with their wand.

Wands are great fun to make, and quite easy too- sticks decorated with hot glue and then painted works a treat! Or you could check out this site for more ideas on how to make them:(

It may be helpful for your guests if you put up this list of spells on the walls of the room as a reminder to them during the duel!spells


There are so many signs you can incorporate into your decorations to really give your house that magical feel!

How about attaching this Boggart warning to some cupboards? boggart warning

Or placing this sign on the door to a room? (Especially if this room is full of party supplies!)room of requirement signYou could use this mini Hogwarts bunting to adorn your table decorations, or hang it around doorframes, pictures buntingIt’s also nice to hang the banners for the different Hogwarts houses around the rooms. You could organise it so that the different houses have their own areas within the house, and then guests must choose where their allegiance lies!house namesFor example, the living room could be signposted as the Gryffindor common room, and as such the room could be decorated using reds and yellows, with the Gryffindor lion.

common room sign

Another great idea is to stick these ‘lumos’ and ‘nox’ signs above and below the light switches. Any Potter fan will appreciate such a simple but brilliant touch!

light switches

 How about cutting out these images of Moaning Mrytle’s head and sticking them around your bathroom to spook your party guests? You could place her at the edge of mirrors, on the back of the door, or even on the inside of the toilet lid to make them jump when they lift it!

moaning myrtle

Finally, to add a personal touch, try printing off pictures of some of the guests who will be attending the party, and then stick them onto these Azkaban wanted posters!


I hope you have found this guide useful and inspiring, and it will help you in hosting your very own Harry Potter themed party! 😀

Here is the PDF OF PRINTABLE DECORATIONS for you! Enjoy!!!

6 thoughts on “How to host an amazing HARRY POTTER THEMED PARTY!

  1. justabitbeachy says:

    i would just like to thank you soooooooooo much for making my party a hit!
    I will strongly recommend this awesome website for others in need, and again thank you for all these wonderful ideas and posters. I will have fun after the party as well, scaring my sister with that Moaning Mryrtle every time she needs to go to the toilet, although that does’t mean friends at my party can’t be victims too!
    From your fan, Zoe

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