fonts to use for scrapbooking


I often struggle making the fonts in my scrapbook varied and exciting. In fact, this problem stretches across all areas – my craft making, card making, and printable making! So I decided to create an inspiration page in order to come up with many different styles of fonts, so that next time I’m at a loss, these ideas will help!

Once I got started I found there were endless possibilities for fonts, and whilst you can always go online and download a fancy font to print off, I think it’s sometimes nicer if you make the effort to handwrite the fonts within your craft projects. Try using thin gel pens for thin, dainty fonts, and markers such as Sharpies for the bolder, bigger ones. You can experiment with letter width and height, joint or isolated letters, shadows and outlines, clean or messy lines, lower case or upper case, and adding swirls and curls to letters to create your own variation of calligraphy!

When I get the time, I hope to upload a video of how I create some of my favourite fonts, so please check it out! 😀

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