father’s day printables

Father’s Day is on it’s way (June 21st) so I thought I’d make a head start and create some printables you can use for the day. 🙂


Beer labelsfile000317230860


You can print these retro labels and then stick them to beer bottles.

You could find empty glass bottles and try making your own beer. Need help? Check out these sites:



Or if you are pushed for time, simply buy a few bottles of your Dad’s favourite beer, soak the labels until they peel off, and replace them with these labels instead!

These printables are here for you to use!

Cake topperstops

It would be a nice idea for you to bake some cupcakes for Father’s Day, and with these sweet cake toppers, you can easily brighten up even the plainest of sponges! Get the printables here.

Coupons:Capture3If you are a student, or need a less expensive alternative to a present this year, try giving your Dad some personalised Father’s Day coupons. They have been left blank so that you can write in whatever you fancy after the statement ‘this coupon entitles the bearer to…’. For example, you could offer to wash his car, make him cups of tea all through the day, mow the lawn, do the washing up, give him full control of the remote control etc. That way, you haven’t spent any money, but you will be giving your time and effort which can be far more generous. 🙂 Get these printable coupons here.

Card:pacman cardIf your Dad is a fan of retro gaming, this card will be perfect! Just print it on good quality paper, if you like stick it to a piece of card so that it is more sturdy, and fold it in half! Get this printable here.

I hope you find these useful and that your Dad appreciates them! 🙂


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