scrapbook technique #1


If you have any old books lying around, which you no longer read, or are looking a bit worn out, don’t throw them away, they can be put to great use in your scrapbook or art journal!

All you will need is:

– an old book which you don’t mind tearing pages from

– a dark pen

A technique which I particularly like is very simple to do, but can look really effective. You simply rip a page from your old book, and then scan through the text, looking out for words you could use to form your own sentence. It is best if the words make sense when read going downwards, as opposed to randomly all over the page. Once you have your sentence, circle the words, making sure to put definite emphasis on them so that they stand out against the rest of the text. You can even encircle the words with fancy shapes or patterns. Next, link the words together with lines so that the words can be read to form one sentence. It is a great way of transforming old pages into illustrations of thoughts and themes for your scrapbook!


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