scrapbook technique #2


This technique is perfect if your craft materials box is crammed full with scraps of paper, like mine is! Don’t ever throw this stuff away, as it can be used to create layers and add colour to scrapbook pages.

All you need to do is tear strips from these papers. Don’t cut pieces, as the torn edges look nicer when layered up. Once you’ve done this, try and put papers together that complement each other. If you have a page covered in every possible pattern and shade, it may look too disorganised. Instead, pick out both block colour and patterned papers with similar colours, and then you can start layering them up on the page. DSCN1345In my example page above, I have chosen to use plain white paper in the middle to write on, and then surrounded it with scraps of patterned papers. Try ripping the paper into small rectangles and then use these to write headings or important words on. I found that rubber stamps work well with this technique to create a bold title. I also used paper cutters which punch out shapes from paper, as they are ideal for using every last scrap of paper in a pretty way. In this instance I used punchers in the shape of the sun and little girls. Finally, I wrote using black biro on the white paper, and then added some simple swirls as a finishing touch.

So next time you’re about to throw away some small scraps of paper, remember that they are perfect for your scrapbook to create layers, add colour, and make pretty, original pages. 🙂

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