Creating my Craft Workshop


Up until now my craft materials have been stored in big plastic boxes, which I had to rummage through to find anything. It was a right pain, but I simply didn’t have the space to have it any other way. However, my mum kindly offered to let me convert her old office into my own craft workshop! It was so exciting creating my own little crafty space, and now that it’s done, I’m always in there!DSCN1369

It’s a lovely little hut at the end of my garden, and my dad has recently repainted it in a lovely shade of green so it looks great! It’s nice and warm, with electricity, lights, blinds, and a heater; the perfect workshop all through the year!DSCN1371DSCN1370

Inside there was already a desk and several shelf units, as well as a printer. The desk is nice and big, but I bought a good sized cutting mat to sit on top. It’s self-healing which means it doesn’t matter how many times you cut into it, and it’s also useful to have a flat surface to work on which can be easily cleaned (rather than having to lay down newspaper under your work).DSCN1372

I went on a shopping trip to Ikea to purchase a lot of the storage items for the room. One great find was this metal rail which can be fixed to the wall, and these containers which you simply clip on (only 80p each!). I thought that this would be a great way of holding essential tools such as pens, scissors and glues just above the table so they’re within easy reach.


I also used this office paper tray to store my paper pads and crafting magazines.


The great thing about this desk is that it has a smaller side table, which can be pulled out, or left underneath the desk to save space. This was the perfect counter for me to place my guillotine on, as I’m always needing it, and now I only need to turn my chair to use it.DSCN1377

Another important thing to consider was a storage solution for all my ribbons and twine. In the end I made my own, which was dead simple. I found two curtain pole brackets and screwed them to the wall, then I used a simple bamboo stick (found in the greenhouse) to sit on them. I could then slide my ribbon and twines onto the stick, and they are easy to remove. I think it’s an effective way of storing them so that you can see all the pretty coloured ribbons and easily access them.


I also cut out letters from cardboard to make the word CRAFTS, and then covered them in pretty papers to stick to the wall above the rail.


I find that jars are the best way of storing smaller materials such as washi tape, buttons and glitters. They are so cheap in Ikea and available in a range of sizes. They also look very attractive when they are all lined up on a shelf and full of colourful bits and bobs!


A pack of spice jars is ideal for tiny decorations and sequins, as these things are too small to fill a full-sized jar, but just right for these mini versions.


I also re-used this little cardboard tray (which was previously the packaging for some strings) to hold all those tiny scraps of ribbon and material which I never want to throw away, just in case I can use them for some other project. I find that in craft making, you should never bin these things, as I often find use for them on a scrapbook page or when making cards!


These cheap and easy to assemble boxes were perfect for holding different materials. The boxes with compartments are great for storing little bits and bobs like paper stamps, labels and adhesives.



I also wanted a way of storing my papers and card so that they were neat and organised. I purchased plain cardboard magazine holders and then made labels for the front of them; coloured paper, patterned paper and card, and sorted the papers into the relevant holders.


An old wicker basket is a lovely container for fabrics that are too large to be stored in boxes.


I also had masses of stickers which were just piled up in a mess. However, a simple ring binder folder and plastic wallets allows you to sort out the sheets of stickers, so that you can easily flick through and slide out the ones you want to use.


So that’s how I created my very own craft workshop! I am so pleased with how it looks, and as I’m always buying new tools and materials, I look forward to filling the shelves in no time! If you have a room that is barely used, how about transforming it into your own workshop? 🙂


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