How to use a statement quote in your art journal

On a family visit to Haworth AKA ‘Brontë Country’ I bought myself an awesome tshirt with the quote “I am no bird and no net ensnares me” on the front. It is a quote from Charlotte Brontë’s incredible novel ‘Jane Eyre’, and ever since getting the shirt I have wanted to incorporate it into an art journal page.


Firstly I pasted scraps of text from old books and magazines to the page using pva glue. I then used watered down white acrylic paint to wash over all of it. I chose purple watercolour paint and roughly painted over the still-wet acrylic, to give it a smudged in look. I had recently bought washi tape with birds and bird cages on it, which was perfectly matched with this quote, so I stuck some across the top and bottom of the page.

Next, I used a rubber stamp of a clock on a brown ink pad and applied it in a purposefully faint style. The stamp of a bird was also helpful, but this time in black ink to compliment the tape. I then decided to flick splotches of very watery purple watercolour over the paper to give it that messy and authentic look. The bird cage was a simple drawing on white paper with black sharpie, which I applied with glue. Finally I used my alphabet stamp set to apply the text.

Hope this helps you to build your own art journal page around a favourite quote! 🙂

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