Best Friend Photo Collage

Becca, one of my bestest friends, gave me a wonderful personalised scrapbook for my birthday, full of photos of the two of us on our university adventures. I wanted to repay the favour, so I decided to make her something special for her Christmas present.

I found this wonderful photo frame at Wilko – ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’, which hangs from twine and can open out like a book. I thought it was perfect, as there was room between the glass to fit 3D embellishments as I wanted to do.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.35.22

I then decided on having a black and white colour theme, as I had recently received this lovely selection of Chalkboard papers by American Crafts, which I really wanted to use! I selected a paper with cameras on it to use as the background, and then cut out a quote ‘THE BEST’ and some other papers to border my photos.chalk

Next I chose a couple of my favourite photos of me and Becca, printed them, and bordered them with some of the chalkboard papers. I also printed some cute pictures/quotes from the internet and incorporated them. I found that the ‘Smile’ quote on the frame itself had rather blended in with the background, so I stuck some white paper behind it to make it stand out more.

Once I had stuck everything down, I made some decorative finishing touches. I added 3D tags which said ‘pals’, ‘friends’ and ‘buddies’, as well as some stickers and jewel brads in the corners.

She absolutely loved it! I hope you guys like it too, and maybe you could try making your own?


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