50+ Date Ideas

date ideas

Having been in a relationship with Jake for four years now, I often get people saying “but don’t you get bored?”, or “don’t you run out of ideas of things to do?”, and it has inspired me to create a list of date ideas, since going places and having fun together is a big part of us lasting for all this time!

This list features three categories: 1) at-home date ideas: for when you fancy staying in but still doing something a little more exciting than sitting on your phone in front of the TV. 2) free date ideas: I have tried to stick to a zero spending policy as far as possible, but some of these dates may involve spending a very teeny amount of money. 3) days out: these dates do require spending some money as they involve trips to fun places and activities.

At-home dates:

Movies – curl up on the sofa under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn and agree (I know this can be difficult!) on a film to watch.

Spa night – spend the evening pampering each other – I’m talking face masks, manicures, pedicures, and massages!

Video games – it can be so much fun to find a good game and play multiplayer or even against each other. You’ll probably find it can become quite addictive.

Baking – find a delicious looking recipe and bake it together before enjoying it while it’s still hot out of the oven.

Karaoke – there are so many apps nowadays that you can use, or failing that; karaoke videos on Youtube which you can use to belt out your lungs together (you may need alcohol to give you some courage!)

Crafts – decide on a project to make together, such as tie-dye shirts, decorated mugs or friendship bracelets.

Board games – an evening full of Cluedo, Monopoly, and Twister if you’re feeling more adventurous can be a lot of fun!

Blanket fort – gather up plenty of sheets, blankets, pillows and snacks and build your very own cosy fort to snuggle in together.

World record – choose a current world record that exists and spend the evening attempting to break it.

Time capsule – make a time capsule by filling a box with odds and ends which show what life is like in the current year (eg. receipts, photos, newspaper cuttings) and then bury it in your garden for someone to find in years to come.

Magic tricks – all you need is a pack of cards and some research on the internet and you can try your hand at being a magician and challenging your partner to guess the secrets behind the magic.

Workout – find a fitness tutorial video online, get into your sweats, and enjoy some exercise whilst undoubtedly having a laugh.

Food tasting – decide on a type of food (chocolate, cheese, wine, beer…), buy lots of different types of it, then spend the evening gorging on it, whilst marking it for taste of course!

Sports match – watch a game of something together, and really enter into the spirit of things with hot dogs and beers, and loud cheering.

Bubble bath – a warm bath, candles, and relaxing music to de-stress and indulge in a bit of luxury.

Film marathon – more intense than your average movie night; choose a series eg. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, and watch them in all in one sitting. This takes endurance!

Free dates:

Walk – choose a nice route, preferably somewhere rural, and go on a nice long walk.

Bike ride – dust off your bikes, fill a flask, and set off on a cycle to enjoy the fresh air.

Museum – lots of museums offer free entry, so research those in your local area and spend the day exploring them.

Star gazing – head out to a nice spot in the evening, and take a warm blanket. Lay back and star gaze; you can print off tips and constellation maps if you want to take it seriously.

Outside movie – choose a nice area – it could be a park, gardens or riverside – and take your laptop/ portable DVD player to enjoy a movie in the open air.

Make a video – take your video camera out and about, capture whatever takes your fancy, and then use a free programme like Windows Movie Maker to edit the clips and create a film. It could be a music video, a documentary about your hometown, or just a cute couple video.

Water fight – if it’s a warm day, head out into the garden in rough clothes, and take plenty of water pistols, water balloons, buckets and sponges with you to have the most awesome and competitive water fight!

Feed ducks – load up with any stale bread sitting around at home, and visit a nearby lake or pond where you can sit on the grass and feed the ducks whilst having a chat.

Churches – churches are almost always open to the public for free, so why not explore the ones in your area, and enjoy the peace and quiet, and beautiful architecture they have to offer.

Fly kites – if you don’t own a kite, borrow one from a friend, or even make one (tutorial here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Kite) and then head to a open, windy area to enjoy the simple pleasure of kite flying.

Picnic and paddle – rustle up a picnic out of whatever food you have in the fridge, and then find a nearby river or stream where you can enjoy lunch on the grassy banks before dipping in the water.

Library – libraries are great places to spend a relaxing day together; browse the shelves, pick out books for each other and then find a chair to sit and read.

Park – local parks can be great fun. All you need is to take a ball, bats, or even a skipping rope, and enjoy playing games together in the fresh air.

Berry picking – there are always going to be hedgerows with berries growing. Pick them together and if you don’t eat them all as you go, you can then go home and bake a pie or crumble with them!

Dancing – research bars where dancing takes place, then get glammed up and spend the night having a boogie alongside other couples. Even if you have two left feet it will still be good fun, and a chance to master a new skill.

Animal shelter – looking around animal shelters is a lovely way to spend the day, seeing adorable creatures, and maybe even deciding to take one home!

Days out: 

Bowling – head to a local bowling alley and play a few games, with half-time nachos to share. The winner can pay!

Zoo – the zoo is one of my favourite date locations, as there’s always so much to see and do, and who doesn’t love looking at cute animals all day?

Cinema – agree on a movie, then go all out on the snacks – popcorn, hot dog, and pick and mix – don’t hold back, just don’t annoy everyone else in the theatre with your rustling!.

Theatre – this can be pricey, but it’s possible to find cheaper tickets in advance. It’s a nice excuse to dress up fancy and feel sophisticated for the evening.

Restaurant crawl – go out for three courses in three different restaurants. It’s great fun having starter, main and dessert all in different places!

Historic houses – many historic buildings such as castles and palaces are open to the public, and are brilliant fun to explore. They often have beautiful gardens for picnicking, and it’s fun to imagine you live in such a place.

Tree top adventures – there are now many companies who offer these adrenaline-fueled activities, which include zip lines and climbing ropes up in the trees. It’s also a great way of building communication and trust between you and your partner.

Café – discover a quaint little coffee shop and enjoy tea and cake together.

Swimming – public swimming pools are generally cheap to use, and allow you both to get great exercise whilst spending time with each other.

Spa – purchase a day pass at a spa and relish in the novelty of being completely pampered and relaxed.

Seaside – if there is a beach that isn’t too far away from you, pack a picnic and some games and head to the sand.

Pub quiz – many pubs now host quizzes, and they can be fun evenings to test your knowledge and meet other people. There is also often a prize offered, to act as further incentive!

Shopping – even if you are only window shopping, it can be nice to have a wander through a nearby town or shopping centre, and help each other pick out clothes.

Ice skating – this has always been a popular date idea, as it is good fun, and gives you both an excuse to spend the time holding onto each others hand.

Roller skating – the same applies as above; you can help each other along, and roller skating rinks often organise fun evenings involving themes and DJs.

Market – track down local markets, such as flea markets, vintage ones, or farmers markets, and wander along looking at the stalls with a coffee in hand.

Crazy golf – this is another activity which is brilliant fun, and can bring out the competitiveness in couples.

Fun fair – there is something very old-fashioned seeming about a date to the fair, and it simply wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the dodgems, a sticky of candy floss, and your partner winning you a cuddly toy.

Milkshakes – head to a local milkshake bar, and try the most adventurous sounding flavours. Be extra cute and share one with two straws.

There you have it folks! I hope you have enjoyed reading my list of date ideas. There is always something fun to be doing as a couple, even if you don’t want to spend any money. Let me know if you have any more ideas! 🙂






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