‘Be the Colour…’ Art Journal Page

I created this page after reading an article about a woman who was famous in her community for always looking brightly coloured, and having multi-coloured hair! She stood out wonderfully in a fairly grey-looking town.I liked the idea of embracing colour in a dull landscape.

Firstly I tore pages from an old journal and some books and stuck them down to create layers. I applied a light gesso wash, some patchy grey paint, and some industrial themed stencils which I then blotted to fade them out a little. I didn’t want any area of the background to pop out too much like I usually do, as I wanted the colourful girl to be the real stand-out part.

The girl was drawn on the page of an old book, and then I painted her using bright acrylic paints. I didn’t water them down at all as is often the case, because once again I was keen for this element of the page to really dominate. Outline was added to her using a black Sharpie, and I then glued her down and applied a matte mod podge over the top. Finally, I added the text and the zig zag border using sharpies.

Hope you guys like her!

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