‘Head Full of Thoughts’ Art Journal Page

Using cuttings from magazines in my art journalling is not something I’ve really tried out before now, but this page has shown how much it can work. I cut out the woman’s face from a shampoo advert, and then scanned through some magazine pages, looking for words which stood out to me, either because I believe in them, or because they often occupy my thoughts. Once I had found a decent amount I moved on to creating the background. 

This was a very slapdash approach. I used some DecoArt paint mists in yellow, red, cyan and magenta, and then used a wet brush to roughly spread them. I wasn’t trying to be too neat, or to cover all the white of the page; the messier, the better. Next I added some illustration to the woman’s face using just black biro and some sharpies. I stuck this down, and then set about arranging the words.

I wanted the words to be streaming from the top of her head, and when I had achieved a layout which I was happy with, I stuck them down, and drew some black lines flowing between the phrases. Finally I roughly sketched in some flowers around the edge.



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