New Hobbie: Penpalling!

I recently decided that I would like to find a pen pal after seeing lots of people on Instagram who receive wonderful ‘happy mail’ through their letterbox from people all around the world, and feeling rather jealous! It was very easy to find people who were looking for pen pals, in fact there are lots of Instagram accounts solely for the purpose of pairing them up! You send them a short message saying a little about yourself and what characteristics you would like in your pen pal, and they then post an advert. I was inundated with requests in just a matter of days. 🙂

Being pretty busy over summer with work and holidays, I decided to only take on two pen pals for the moment. I already feel like I want more so I’m sure the number will grow shortly! One of them is a lovely law student in Brussels, and the other lives in Cheshire and has lots in common with me, including my love for pop punk. 😀

It’s important to consider that there are different types of pen pals, who want to get different things out of the hobby. Some simply write letters explaining the happenings of their day-to-day life, others might want mementos of each others countries and any trips or visits they go on. I have found people who share my love of art and crafts, and so we exchange little craft/stationary items in our letters.

This was the first package I sent to Belgium. (Luckily it all fit inside a reasonably flat envelope and so the postage didn’t cost much at all. If you are concerned by the price of packing though, perhaps find some pen pals in your own country to reduce the cost.)

This was a letter I received from my pen pal in Cheshire, who enclosed some sweet note cards and stickers.

Here is my reply. I made her a sticky note dashboard, filled in some journaling cards, and enclosed stickers and some tea with my letter.

Why not give it a try yourself! It’s a great way to make friends around the world, learn about different countries and cultures, share hobbies and interests, and if you’re like me; it’s so exciting having pretty post arriving for you in the mornings. 🙂


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