Guide to Craft Shopping

A large portion of the money I have earnt this summer has been spent on craft supplies. I have searched high and low for them in many different high street stores, and also discovered new shops which are absolute heaven for a crafter like me. So here is my guide on the best shops (in the UK but perhaps in other countries too) to spend your cash in and find some craft goodies! 🙂

  1. Hobbycraft

A fail-safe start for all your crafting needs. These shops are massive, often two storied, and so I have been known to spend hours at a time in there. Whether you’re mainly interested in papercraft, painting, jewelry making or haberdashery, they have various sections to suit all. I like to browse their selections of brands like Tim Holtz and Andy Skinner, as well as buying my essentials there such as glue gun refills, stamps and ink pads. The only downside is that the store can be quite expensive, and whilst products may be on offer, there aren’t clearance areas as such.img_1881img_1793

2. The Range

I only discovered The Range this summer after seeing a picture of a friend’s huge craft haul from there. I was amazed when I checked it out; the selection is massive, the prices are very reasonable, and plus they have several large clearance areas so you’re always guaranteed a bargain. I managed to get the majority of the items shown below for reduced prices and so the whole lot only cost me £20 in total! As well as great brands like ‘docrafts’ and Santoro, they also have a large section of budget items (like the alphabet sticker pad and key embellishments seen below) which are mostly just £1 each.


3. The Works

One of my favourite shops when I fancy a little spend. They sell some lovely things at great prices, and they are often rotating the stock so you never know what you’ll find each time you visit. They have a fantastic painting section, with good quality acrylic paints, brushes and gesso and gloss varnish which can cost a lot more elsewhere. Also, at this time of year they bring out their large Christmas selection of crafts – stamps, washi tapes, embellishments and ribbons – so it is the perfect place to stock up on your festive supplies.




4. Pound World

Pound World has recently started expanding their craft selection, and they sell some really beautiful things. I can’t resist their 3D embellishments, which are ideal for making birthday and thank you cards, as well as their range of patterned decoupage papers. They seem to sell completely different items depending on what Pound Land you visit, so I try them out whenever I see a store. I managed to find this great emoji sticker pad in the store in Brighton, which I had been wanting for ages!



5. TK Maxx/ HomeSense

These stores are great at selling one-off, unique craft items which you won’t see elsewhere. They always have a lovely selection of paper and cardstock collection pads (I have only shown a few below, there are many more I’ve purchased from these shops!) Another bonus is the fact that they always have clearance sections – I managed to get four packs of ‘We R Memory Keepers’ journaling cards which were all reduced to £2 each! HomeSense  also sell some beautiful notelets, letter paper and gift tags which I often look through for possible present ideas.


6. Ikea

Ikea don’t have the hugest selection of crafts, but my trips there usually end with me carrying a handful of supplies to the tills. They offer really pretty gift wrapping; tags, ribbons, bags, boxes and paper, as well as lots of stationary supplies. I love their packs of washi tapes which are usually £3/£4 for 3 or 4 rolls. The designs are often quite wacky and colourful, and I love that.


7. Hema

This was another store which I only found out about recently, due to someone’s photo of their Hema craft haul on Instagram. I sadly don’t have any of their stores near me, so I visited the website instead. This huge order came to just over £20 – an absolute bargain – which meant I qualified for free delivery. They sell beautiful writing sets with matching paper and envelopes, which are perfect for my pen pal exchanges. I also bought lots of sticky notes, little ‘DIY Decoration Set’s (like the tea one shown below) which include themed stickers, tags and embellishments for just £1, and shaped punches.


8. Tiger

I find Tiger’s craft section can be a bit hit or miss, but I always go in to look, because sometimes you can find some real gems. Around Christmas time they sell lovely festive items like these wintery papers which I use to wrap small presents. They’ve also introduced some cute washi tapes with fun designs which are a steal at 2 for £1. It’s another shop where you can buy items which are really unique, and it will never break the bank so you can breathe easy.


Well there you have it! My complete guide to craft shopping on the high street! I hope this has given you all some ideas on where to go when you fancy your next craft shopping fix, and please let me know if there’s anywhere I’ve missed off. I’d love to discover even more places where I can purchase craft goodies. 😀

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