Christmas Cards & Wrapping

This Christmas I really stuck to a brown paper theme. I bought plain brown cards to decorate for family, and brown craft paper to wrap my gifts and then liven them up. I decided to do this because I had so many lovely festive stickers, washi tapes and embellishments which I wanted to use, and I felt it would all look too much if I added these  on top of already bright, lively wrapping paper.

These are my Christmas cards for my parents, siblings, Grandparents and boyfriend. I used  festive washi tape (mostly from The Works) to create borders and then embellishments on top. My Posca pens were brilliant for adding bold text to give a more personalised feel to the cards.

Here are some of the gifts I wrapped (I couldn’t fit them all in!) with my brown paper. I liked using my red and white twine to wrap the presents with a cross and bow, but also found that applying pretty washi tape in a cross on top of square gifts worked nicely too. I also used lots of Frozen themed stickers and gift tags which looked cute, and the gift with the woodland deer scene on the front was created with some beautiful festive paper bought from Tiger. My friends and family really liked how their presents looked, so I might use this wrapping technique again, as it’s simple but effective and gives you an excuse to use all those nice Christmassy craft supplies you’ve gathered up over the year (and buy more!).


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