Valentines Day Treat Box

This Valentine’s Day I decided to make my boyfriend a themed treat box, as he has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know, so I knew he’d appreciate a load of chocolate and sweets with a romantic twist.

Once I’d found this good sized cardboard box I painted it in red acrylic all over, and then used my Uni Posca pens to write ‘Happy Valentines Day’ on the lid. Inside I lined the box with red tissue paper and then really went to town with decorating the inside of the lid! If you’re anything like me you’ll have thousands of stickers which are so pretty but you never really find the right time to use them all. This project gave me the perfect excuse to sort through all my stickers and pick out all the love themed ones to use as decoration. I also used some washi tape, stamps, and die-cut ephemera. I figured you can’t really go over-the-top for Valentines, so I covered every inch of it!

Once the box was all decorated I went shopping to buy as many Valentines themed sweet treats as I could find. I also bought any sweets and chocolate that he likes which come in red packaging, like Skittles and Wine Gums. When it looked sufficiently full I sprinkled some red heart confetti in it, and it was all done.

I think it’s safe to say he absolutely loved it, and it won’t take him long to finish off the contents! This is an easy, fun craft for anyone you know with a sweet tooth. It doesn’t have to be Valentines themed, you could try it out for an anniversary or birthday too! 🙂

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