Making flipbooks for pen pals 

Recently I’ve really been enjoying making flipbooks for my pen friends, as they’re a cute way of making your mail personalised, themed, and they can enclose lots of goodies.

​​Things you need (though of course you can adapt the flipbooks to your own materials): cardstock paper, washi tapes, ephemera to decorate, stickers, and goodies to enclose.

​​I am not going to give a tutorial on how to make a flipbook, as there’s so many ways you can do it, but here are some ideas for creating one:

  • Use transparent paper (such as baking paper) to make pockets which contain ephemera
  • Tape journaling cards in on one side, to create multiple layers which you can flip
  • Stick in tiny filled envelopes
  • Begin by choosing papers, washi tapes and stickers which match a particular theme or colour palette
  • Enclose stickers, ephemera, gift tags, tea, and washi samples
  • Make sticky note dashboards

​I hope these videos and tips help to inspire you in creating your own flipbooks, to make your happy mail even more wonderful for your friends. 🙂

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