Hanging Bird Mobile


I made this bird mobile as a decoration for my craft workshop, and I’m so happy with it – it looks so colourful and I love watching the birds twirl around in the breeze. Keep reading if you’d like to make your very own!

You’ll need:

  • x 4 bird templates
  • Quality paper
  • Quality card
  • Colouring pens or anything you wish for decoration
  • Thread
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Twine/ribbon
  • Beads

I found the templates for the bird shapes in a papercraft book I had from years ago, but there are loads available on the internet which you can easily print off. Just type ‘printable bird templates’ into Pinterest if you’re stuck.

Once you’ve got your templates cut out on good quality paper, you can decorate them in any way you like. I went for simple felt tip colouring in a patchwork pattern, but be creative with different medias! Attach thin thread pieces to the bodies of the birds. It’s best to vary the length so they don’t all cluster together – try one at 5 inches, two at 10 inches, and one at 15 so that the mobile is hanging at a decent length.

Next, you’ll need to cut a circle (with a diameter of about 10 inches) out of strong card. I chose to layer patterned vellum paper over the top of mine, but again, decorate yours however you fancy. Cut a slit into the centre of the circle, so you can overlap the card and make it form a slight cone, then glue it into place. Secure the threads to the edge of the cone’s underside, making sure they’re all an equal distance apart. The birds should now be hanging down looking pretty!

Finally, attach some twine or ribbon to the top of the cone so that the mobile can be hung up. Some chunky, colourful beads make a nice finishing touch to the ribbon. Now it’s ready to flutter in the breeze! 🙂

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