Valentines Candy Bouquet

Sorry for the late posting of this, I totally forgot I had taken photographs for the blog! Even though this was made as a Valentines gift, it’s something you could make for an anniversary or even adapt and give for Mother’s Day or a birthday.

You will need:

  • Plant pot
  • Oasis/ polystyrene
  • Wooden skewers
  • Green washi tape/ green paint
  • Tissue paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Ribbon
  • Lots of sweets

Firstly cut your oasis or polystyrene to size so it fits snugly in the base of your plant pot. This is where you will stick in the wooden skewers (your flower stems). Then cover over with some tissue paper and use extra so it’s hanging over the sides of the pot.

I used green washi tape to cover my wooden skewers but you could equally paint them green. Once they’ve dried it’s time to start attaching the sweets. I obviously chose candy in pink and red colours as it was a Valentines bouquet, but you can use any types you like. Multicoloured candy would look really fun in a birthday bouquet. Make sure you pick sweets that aren’t too big or heavy, as you want them to somewhat resemble flowers on their stems, and you don’t want the whole thing toppling over with too much weight. If you have little packets you can roll them around the top of the skewers to create the illusion of rose buds. Attach them all using a strong sticky tape.

Once your sweets are all secured to your stems, it’s time to arrange them to form your bouquet. It may be helpful to place the larger items at the back, or to cut down some of the stems to have the sweets sitting lower at the front. I spent a lot of time arranging and rearranging mine, but once you’re happy with the layout you can ensure the skewers are pushed firmly down into the base. If the bouquet is a little top-heavy, you can add some weight to the front by pushing small stones down inside the pot, hidden beneath the tissue paper.

I finished my bouquet off by tying some ribbon around the lid of the pot, adding a heart embellishment to the middle, and eventually wrapping the whole thing up in cellophane with ribbon!

Handmade Advent Calendar

As it’s the 1st of December today (eeeeek!), I thought I’d share with you all the advent calendar I made this year for my boyfriend, Jake. He usually only has the ones which have pictures behind the doors, not chocolate, so I thought I’d surprise him with one that I’d crafted myself, and filled with edible goodies!


I started off with a large, strong piece of cardboard, which I covered with festive paper. I found double-sided sticky tape held it on better than glue, but whatever works best for you. Then I used one of my many Christmassy washi tapes to add a border.

Next, I had to create 24 little envelopes. I used my ‘We R Memory Keepers’ envelope punch board for this, as it’s so great for making any sized envelope out of any paper you like, and the result looks very professional. (If you’re interested, check out this link: If you don’t have one of these, you can always print off a template to make your own, or purchase a die of an envelope template which you can use over and over. I chose various different designs of festive paper, and created the envelopes using my punch board, before securing them all to the board using double-sided tape.


Once they were all stuck down I could label them with numbers 1-24. I did this randomly so you have to search for the correct one each day, rather than just being arranged in numerical order. I added some stickers at the top of the board spelling out ‘Happy Christmas’ along with some puffy polar stickers, and then a chipboard piece with the phrase ‘made just for you’ at the bottom. All that was left to do was to hole punch two holes at the top of the calendar so that I could make a hanger out of twine. It was then ready to be filled with tasty treats!

I’m really happy with how this first attempt turned out. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you guys think. Happy Advent opening!!

Valentines Day Treat Box

This Valentine’s Day I decided to make my boyfriend a themed treat box, as he has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know, so I knew he’d appreciate a load of chocolate and sweets with a romantic twist.

Once I’d found this good sized cardboard box I painted it in red acrylic all over, and then used my Uni Posca pens to write ‘Happy Valentines Day’ on the lid. Inside I lined the box with red tissue paper and then really went to town with decorating the inside of the lid! If you’re anything like me you’ll have thousands of stickers which are so pretty but you never really find the right time to use them all. This project gave me the perfect excuse to sort through all my stickers and pick out all the love themed ones to use as decoration. I also used some washi tape, stamps, and die-cut ephemera. I figured you can’t really go over-the-top for Valentines, so I covered every inch of it!

Once the box was all decorated I went shopping to buy as many Valentines themed sweet treats as I could find. I also bought any sweets and chocolate that he likes which come in red packaging, like Skittles and Wine Gums. When it looked sufficiently full I sprinkled some red heart confetti in it, and it was all done.

I think it’s safe to say he absolutely loved it, and it won’t take him long to finish off the contents! This is an easy, fun craft for anyone you know with a sweet tooth. It doesn’t have to be Valentines themed, you could try it out for an anniversary or birthday too! 🙂

Christmas Cards & Wrapping

This Christmas I really stuck to a brown paper theme. I bought plain brown cards to decorate for family, and brown craft paper to wrap my gifts and then liven them up. I decided to do this because I had so many lovely festive stickers, washi tapes and embellishments which I wanted to use, and I felt it would all look too much if I added these  on top of already bright, lively wrapping paper.

These are my Christmas cards for my parents, siblings, Grandparents and boyfriend. I used  festive washi tape (mostly from The Works) to create borders and then embellishments on top. My Posca pens were brilliant for adding bold text to give a more personalised feel to the cards.

Here are some of the gifts I wrapped (I couldn’t fit them all in!) with my brown paper. I liked using my red and white twine to wrap the presents with a cross and bow, but also found that applying pretty washi tape in a cross on top of square gifts worked nicely too. I also used lots of Frozen themed stickers and gift tags which looked cute, and the gift with the woodland deer scene on the front was created with some beautiful festive paper bought from Tiger. My friends and family really liked how their presents looked, so I might use this wrapping technique again, as it’s simple but effective and gives you an excuse to use all those nice Christmassy craft supplies you’ve gathered up over the year (and buy more!).


DIY Coasters

I made these as a gift for my sister’s boyfriend, and considering it was my first experiment with making coasters, I was pretty pleased with the finished product!

I used some plain white tiles, and some DecoArt paint misters to create the effects on top. I didn’t have any real strategy; I tried different techniques to achieve different effects. The red and green coasters were done by spraying with various colours and then blotting using kitchen roll. I used a sponge to create the water and foam-like effect on the blue one, and on the bronze coloured one I used the end of a paintbrush to drag the paint outwards and create what looks a bit like a firework. 🙂

When they had completely dried I added a couple of coats of Mod Podge gloss to seal in the colour and make them more water resistant. I then stuck some squares of foam to each corner at the bottom, to prevent them from scratching surfaces. I hope you all like them!

‘Time To Party’ Beer Clock

Buying birthday presents for my brother is often tricky, but there’s one thing that’s always a safe bet: alcohol! This is a great gift for someone who loves booze, that’s a bit more exciting than just a box of cans.

All you need is a circle of cardboard, some means of decorating it, and 12 bottles/cans. I painted the face of the clock black, added the numbers in white pen, and then silver stars and birthday stickers. I then placed an alcoholic beverage at each hour, and stood it all in a large open box.

He loved it! 😀

52 Reasons I Love You

I made these for my boyfriend ages ago, long before I had this blog, but have only just managed to get him to take some photos for me! It’s a very simple, easy, yet cute gift for a loved one. All you need is a pack of cards, a sharpie and you’re all set! I added a sticker to the back of one of the Jokers, saying ’52 Reasons Why I Love You’ and then on each of the cards I wrote a reason I love him, and numbered them all. img_1031 (1)Afterwards I tied the stack up with some ribbon, and Jake loved going through them all, reading my little notes. Try it yourself! 🙂