Game of Thrones Party Printables

Hey guys! After the great response to my Harry Potter party guide and printables (check it out here, if you haven’t already), I decided to do the same thing again, but this time with a Game of Thrones theme! If you want to host your own party, the PDF containing all of the decorations is at the bottom of this post, so check it out. 🙂


First off, invites. I know these days most people just create an event on Facebook, but it can be nice to send out old-fashioned invitations, to make it more personal. Plus, this way you’re already going with the GoT theme nicely…


Next, food is always an important aspect of a party! Whether you’re going to town with an entire Game of Thrones inspired menu (check out recipe ideas here:, or just providing a few nibbles, these decorations will help you create a fun buffet area.





Cake toppers

Another fun way of making your food and drink go along with the theme is to stick these GoT inspired wine and beer labels to your bottles of alcohol!



Often when hosting a party you may want to limit the guests to certain rooms of the house only – especially if you live with parents and don’t want guests wandering into upstairs bedrooms or other places! If this is the case, these signs can be stuck to doors to signal that the area is out of bounds. varys


If your party is to celebrate someone’s birthday, this Name Day banner is a must. If you like, you can print multiple copies of it, and string the pieces together to make bunting to hang. name day

Now, decorations! Print lots of copies, and stick them up across doors and windows, make collages on walls, and hang them from furniture. The more your party space screams GAME OF THRONES, the better!







These printables have only just touched the surface of the endless possibilities there are for your very own Game of Thrones themed party. Other ideas include:

  • playing the soundtrack in the background, or having episodes run quietly on the TV
  • making your own Iron Throne for guests to sit on (tutorial here:
  • making paper mache dragon eggs for a centrepiece
  • holding a fancy-dress contest and awarding a sword or themed prize to the winner
  • setting up an inflatable (to avoid injuries) sword fight area in the garden
  • decorating different parts of the house to match different houses (e.g red cloths and lion crests in the Lannister corner)
  • buying plastic goblets and metallic serving plates
  • lighting candles or purchasing some imitation candles to add ambiance to the rooms
  • researching some Game of Thrones themed party games to play with guests

Well, there you have it! My guide to hosting an amazing Game of Thrones themed party. I hope this has inspired you to have your own, and now as promised, here is the PDF of all the printable decorations featured above: GoT Party.

Enjoy!!! B x

Halloween Printables

hallowHalloween is just around the corner, and maybe like me you’re hosting your own party this year. I have put together a few printable decorations which you can print off the computer in no time and use to jazz up your spooky evening. I’d recommend printing them on good quality card stock to ensure they’re nice and sturdy, and ready to use again year after year! (The PDF for download is at the end of this post)

Mini Buntingbunting

Use this cute little orange bunting to hang around a cake stand, across a door, or on the back of chairs. Once you’ve cut out the individual flags, simply attach to some thread or thicker twine if you prefer, and hang up!

Cake topperscake-toppers

There are 8 individually designed cake toppers to stick on the tops of cocktails sticks and then push into the tops of cakes, to give them a Halloween twist.

Gift tagstags

Perhaps you’re planning on giving guests small party favours (look for some ideas here – and if so, use them little spooky tags to personalise them.

Eerie labels

labelsUse these vintage-inspired, unpleasant food labels to embellish containers of food, or even just stick them to a variety of different sized bottles and jars to create a potions style display.


LDR Printables!

ldr printables adI haven’t made any printables for a long time, and they’re so much fun to do, so I decided to make a bunch for all you fellow long-distance relationship people! Hope you like them, and maybe use them when you’re sending your loved one a letter or package in the post. 🙂

The bundle includes tags to attach to gifts, little love notes you could slip inside an envelope, and a Skype date invitation (my favourite :D)

The pdf document of them all is here: LDR Printables.  Enjoy!

father’s day printables

Father’s Day is on it’s way (June 21st) so I thought I’d make a head start and create some printables you can use for the day. 🙂


Beer labelsfile000317230860


You can print these retro labels and then stick them to beer bottles.

You could find empty glass bottles and try making your own beer. Need help? Check out these sites:

Or if you are pushed for time, simply buy a few bottles of your Dad’s favourite beer, soak the labels until they peel off, and replace them with these labels instead!

These printables are here for you to use!

Cake topperstops

It would be a nice idea for you to bake some cupcakes for Father’s Day, and with these sweet cake toppers, you can easily brighten up even the plainest of sponges! Get the printables here.

Coupons:Capture3If you are a student, or need a less expensive alternative to a present this year, try giving your Dad some personalised Father’s Day coupons. They have been left blank so that you can write in whatever you fancy after the statement ‘this coupon entitles the bearer to…’. For example, you could offer to wash his car, make him cups of tea all through the day, mow the lawn, do the washing up, give him full control of the remote control etc. That way, you haven’t spent any money, but you will be giving your time and effort which can be far more generous. 🙂 Get these printable coupons here.

Card:pacman cardIf your Dad is a fan of retro gaming, this card will be perfect! Just print it on good quality paper, if you like stick it to a piece of card so that it is more sturdy, and fold it in half! Get this printable here.

I hope you find these useful and that your Dad appreciates them! 🙂


How to host an amazing HARRY POTTER THEMED PARTY!



Being a huge Harry Potter fan, the thought of attending a Harry Potter themed party is extremely appealing! I am hoping to host my own in the future, but in the meantime I have decided to create a guide to hosting your very own Potter gathering, which includes lots of decorations which I have made myself. Enjoy! 🙂

At the end of this post I have attached a PDF containing all of the printable decorations featured here, so that you can print them out and get decorating!

First of all, you will need invitations before the party can even go ahead.

inviteI think it would be really nice if you put these inside envelopes (check this out for tips on making them look old:

You could even make your own wax seals to secure them shut, just like the one used on Harry’s letter from Hogwarts!

Next, if you are at all worried that your house will be left in a mess after this party, or maybe you’ll be hosting it at home where you live with your parents and so are extra anxious about your guests respecting your house, there are a few things you can do!house elf sign

You can put up these signs as a reminder to your guests to keep the place clean and tidy, as they also go along with the theme very nicely!

Also, there will most likely be rooms in the house which you don’t w
ant your guests to go in (such as parents or siblings bedrooms!!!), and so these notices from Filch can be stuck on the doors of such rooms as a polite reminder to keep out.FILCHES NOTICE

Now for a crucial part to any party: food! Even if you only plan on having drinks and nibbles, it is still nice to pick items that compliment the Potter theme.

Print off these labels so that your guests know what they are labels

– Butter Beer is quite simple to make. Here is a recipe:

– You can use Jelly Belly beans to replicate Bertie Bott’s beans. Fill big glass bowls with them! Chocolate frogs can be bought online or made, and for the liquorice wands; simply dip sticks of liquorice into melted chocolate. Acid pops can be created by dipping lollipops into sherbet or coating them with small sour sweets.

– Here is a recipe for making Pumpkin juice: However, if you don’t have the time, you could instead use orange/mango/tropical juice, pour it into big jugs and just pretend.

– There are many different interpretations of cauldron cakes, but this recipe is my favourite as they look so effective and tasty too!

– As for golden snitch cakes; you can simply bake plain sponge cake pops and then add white icing wings. You can use almost any kind of ice cream but Florian Fortescue’s ice cream parlour is famous for its ‘strawberry and peanut butter’ variety, so if you have an ice cream maker, it would be nice to try and recreate this!

I also made these cute cake toppers to attach to cocktail sticks and then poke them into the tops of cupcakes to brighten them up.cake toppers

Another idea which would make a nice table centrepiece is to create a display of old-looking potion bottles. Here are some I found around the house.DSCN1340

Next you can decorate these bottles with faded labels which detail the contents of these bottles. So that they look like genuine potions, you should fill them with different coloured liquids, simply by mixing water with a variety of different  food colourings.

Here are the potion labels along with some blank ones so that you can decide on some contents of your own.potion labels


If you have a decent sized garden, it might be nice to set up a quidditch pitch and then you and the guests can have a game. The hoops can be made by securing hula hoops to wooden stakes, and then three different sized balls are used. Brooms are optional of course! This site explains how you go about playing muggle quidditch:

You can place this sign pointing towards to the garden so that guests are aware of the quidditch pitch!QUIDDITCH sign

Also, if you have a suitable room where there are few things that can be easily damaged, you may like to set up a duelling club!duelling club

You can use tape to mark a division halfway across the room and then each competitor stands on either side with their wand.

Wands are great fun to make, and quite easy too- sticks decorated with hot glue and then painted works a treat! Or you could check out this site for more ideas on how to make them:(

It may be helpful for your guests if you put up this list of spells on the walls of the room as a reminder to them during the duel!spells


There are so many signs you can incorporate into your decorations to really give your house that magical feel!

How about attaching this Boggart warning to some cupboards? boggart warning

Or placing this sign on the door to a room? (Especially if this room is full of party supplies!)room of requirement signYou could use this mini Hogwarts bunting to adorn your table decorations, or hang it around doorframes, pictures buntingIt’s also nice to hang the banners for the different Hogwarts houses around the rooms. You could organise it so that the different houses have their own areas within the house, and then guests must choose where their allegiance lies!house namesFor example, the living room could be signposted as the Gryffindor common room, and as such the room could be decorated using reds and yellows, with the Gryffindor lion.

common room sign

Another great idea is to stick these ‘lumos’ and ‘nox’ signs above and below the light switches. Any Potter fan will appreciate such a simple but brilliant touch!

light switches

 How about cutting out these images of Moaning Mrytle’s head and sticking them around your bathroom to spook your party guests? You could place her at the edge of mirrors, on the back of the door, or even on the inside of the toilet lid to make them jump when they lift it!

moaning myrtle

Finally, to add a personal touch, try printing off pictures of some of the guests who will be attending the party, and then stick them onto these Azkaban wanted posters!


I hope you have found this guide useful and inspiring, and it will help you in hosting your very own Harry Potter themed party! 😀

Here is the PDF OF PRINTABLE DECORATIONS for you! Enjoy!!!

Ideas for ‘Open When’ Letters

letter picture I have seen so many examples of these on pinterest, and they are such a great idea for a partner’s gift, especially if you have a long-distance relationship, so I thought I’d give a list of ideas to help you guys with themes and contents for the letters. Check out my own letters here to get some inspiration!

‘Open when you miss me’ letter: Write about how you miss them too, spray some of your perfume on the paper, put a cute photo of the two of you inside, tell them that soon you will be together again.

‘Open when you are having a bad day’ letter OR ‘Open when you are stressed’ letter: Tell them that things will get better, include an inspirational quote, put some bubble wrap inside, a calming camomile tea bag, say that you are always here if they need to talk.

‘Open when you are mad at me’ letter: Apologise for whatever it is that you’ve done wrong, assure them that you didn’t mean to upset them, put some of their favourite sweets in to say sorry.

‘Open when you need to know how much I love you’ letter: Give them a list of all the reasons you love them, add a picture of you guys, print out some song lyrics which perfectly explain the way you feel about them.

‘Open when you need a laugh’ letter: Put a silly picture of you inside, write about your funny memories together, add some cheesy jokes.

‘Open when you feel worried about the future’ letter: Tell them that everything will work out, and that they needn’t feel worried; as long as you are both together, the future will be okay. Add a picture of a nice house where you would like to live with them.

‘Open when you are doubting yourself’ letter: Write about how much belief you have in them, remind them of the things they have achieved, list reasons why you admire them and the ways they make you proud.

‘Open when you are feeling ill’ letter: Tell them that you hope they feel better soon, write about how you would take care of them if you were there. Add some aspirin and some energy gel sachets.

‘Open when you feel like giving up on us’ letter:  Tell them that you hope they don’t give up on your relationship, remind them how special it is, add a picture of you both.

‘Open when you are really bored’ letter: Add a CD with all your favourite songs on it, print out ideas for places you can go next time you see each other, give them some recipes you think they will like.

‘Open when you want to take a walk down memory lane’ letter: Print some maps of the place you had your first date, first kiss, first holiday etc. Write about some of your most vivid memories together, retrieve old text conversations you had and print them out.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your letters; really the possibilities are endless! I am putting up a PDF of some stamps I made which you can print and add to the corner of each envelope. Once you have filled all your envelopes you could tie them up in a bundle with string, and they will make a lovely gift for your partner! 🙂

Date Night Coupons

I made these date night coupons a while back when I was planning on them using for a gift idea. However, I chacouponnged my mind and instead decided to make a date night jar (check it out here) in the end, so I didn’t need them.

Anyway, I thought I’d put them on here so that any of you guys can print them off and use them yourselves. You could put them in a jar or make a little flip-book with them inside and then give them as a valentines or anniversary gift to your partner. They’d make a really cute present, and mean that you guys will have plenty of fun dates coming up! 🙂

Here’s the pdf of my coupons for you to print off – DATE NIGHT COUPONS

I’ve also made some blank ones, so that you can add your own date night ideas to them – Blank Date Night Coupons